Tony, Mary, Nathan, Natalie & Nicole Reis
648 Cowee Avenue Gridley, CA 95948
Natalie's cell (530) 682-0356
Mary's cell (530) 682-0317
[email protected]

Reis Ranch Liquid Supplements
Fospro Distributor
Nathan and Natalie Reis

648 Cowee Ave.
Gridley, Ca. 95948
(530)682-0305 Nathan
(530)682-0356 Natalie

[email protected]

Here are the products we offer:

Product #6630A with altocid - Free choice liquid supplement with an insect growth regulator for feeding during the fly season to prevent the breeding of horn flies in the manure of treated animals.

Product #6705 - Free choice liquid supplement with 20% protein.

Product #6570 - Free choice liquid supplement with 25% protein.

Product #6510 - Free choice medicated liquid supplement with lasalocid for increased rate of gain in pasture cattle (slaughter, stocker, feeder cattle, dairy and beef replacement heifers).

Manufactured by Foster Farms Commodities Division
Dry mineral available by the sack for cattle, goats & sheep. 
All natural and organic formulas available.
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